Tate, a family of four galleries including Tate Modern, the world’s most visited museum of modern art, brings you a range of videos from interviews with artists to experimental artist commissions.
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Dennis Morris – ‘Photography Gave Me Confidence’ | TateShots

Bruce Nauman – ‘The True Artist Helps the World’ | TateShots

Meredith Monk – ‘I Believe in the Healing Power of Art’ | TateShots

Ilya and Emilia Kabakov – ‘The Viewer is the Same as the Artist’ | TateShots

Catherine Opie – Photography, Painting and Portraiture | TateShots

Richard Cook – 'Paintings are Dreams and Reflections' | TateShots

Jack Whitten – ‘The Political is in the Work’ | TateShots

Isaac Julien – ‘I’m Interested in Poetry’ | TateShots

Chris Ofili – Exploding the Crystal

An Introduction to Performance Art | TateShots