Tate, a family of four galleries including Tate Modern, the world’s most visited museum of modern art, brings you a range of videos from interviews with artists to experimental artist commissions.
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Printing in the Dark Room | TateShots

Boris Mikhailov – 'Photography Was a Way Out' | TateShots

David Hockney – ‘I Like to Live in the Now’ | TateShots

Black Mountain College – A School Like No Other | TateShots

The Radical Eye with Sir Elton John and Nicholas Serota

Susumu Koshimizu ­– My Sculptural Expression | TateShots

Teresa Margolles – Fabric, Blood and Honour | Fresh Perspectives

Andy Warhol – Celebrity, Social Media and Overexposure | Fresh Perspectives

Cécile B. Evans – 'We Live in a Really Unique Moment Now' | TateShots

Cildo Meireles – A Tower That Could Reach the Heavens | Fresh Perspectives